Family Portrait by Kuwait Towers in 1975

This is a really wonderful find from Flickr. Just seeing old Kuwait and well so empty with the Kuwait Towers just behind this family portrait. I need to find out where this picture was taken to show how Kuwait looks after 25 years.

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Old & New Kuwaiti Buildings

Its nice finding these old pics of Kuwait from Flickr, gives us an idea of what was before. All these new buildings that are popping are are a replacement of what was built back in the 60s and 70s.

I am sure the next generation will see pictures of what we have no and be astonished how we lived in such simple means.

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Kuwait Car Plate Test Designs

This is a fascinating collection of plates that could have been in all the cars in Kuwait. Funny thing is I’ve seen variations of them with CD, government and mass transit vehicles.

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Rainbow Cake

I really like the dedication of this cake actually making that many colored layers for a friends going away party.

Whisk Kid: Say it with Cake…

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Dar al shifa hospital is doing it somewhat wrong online or Online Marketing 101

I understand that you hear about these things called interwebs and like you have to advertise on it, but posting on just posting pictures on Flickr is wrong.

I see it as a good step for someone to search for a hospital in Kuwait and see your pictures. but not like this. Thou I do like the approach. What you need to do is give more detail on the hospital actually write a small brief on the pictures on what people are seeing.

Also take pictures of the rooms and facilities and link it all to your main website.

Creating a online presence of your company is not that hard or requires to pay someone an absurd amount of money for some flash and html 1.0.

Simply think about what you want to achieve and their solutions and ask yourselves “will it create a customer backlash”.

Personally I find the best thing is a human touch. People hate dealing with machines and automated responses. They want to have a feel that you are actually trying to reach out to them and not just attract them.

Actually thinking about it now the whole AIDA marketing system is broken online. The customer is already A Interested and has a Desire ware and doesn’t need your needless advertising to remind him and reading to make an Action. They simply want someone to reach out to them give them after market support even before they purchase anything. They want to be Satisfied even before they buy. They know the market and the competitors and the varying prices and willing to look past that as long as they feel they get a better interaction with the company that sold them the product.

One recent example that comes to mind is the Apple Stores and Zappos. They give you all the help you need even before you buy one of their products.

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A Change of Heart

Sometimes you got the choose the right words.

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How to Make Cheeseburger Cupcakes

A wonderful Flickr set on how to make Cheeseburger Cupcakes My stomach is thinking cheeseburger my brain is saying cupcake.

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Dinner in Kuwait

This Monty Python sketch reminds me of how some people interact during a dinner or social occasion.

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Kuwaiti Gothic

I love this picture. It reminds me of American Gothic. It gives me this feeling of hope and a better future when it was taken in 1964. A young Indian couple just moving to Kuwait starting their lives together.

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Bloggers vs Journalists

This is an old long debate that even the word blogger is not limited to just blogs anymore. So seeing this article Literary Lesson: Authors, Poets Write the News where the Haaretz decided to send their 31 journalists and replace them with writers, poets and authors.

The TV review by Eshkol Nevo opened with these words: “I didn’t watch TV yesterday.” And the weather report was a poem by Roni Somek, titled “Summer Sonnet.” (“Summer is the pencil/that is least sharp/in the seasons’ pencil case.”)

What it did was create a different interpretation of the news. Journalists are trained to provide data, they can’t offer an opinion on what occurred or even interfere. They are observers, their paid job is to simply report and, in essence, find the truth of the matter; and by printing it they allow the readers to decide. Bloggers, like writers and poets, don’t follow the journalist decorum. First off they aren’t paid to be unbiased since this isn’t a paying job. They simply interpret the data they get from journalists and offer it in a different light by attaching emotion, or making it abstract so that it is transformed into something that moves the reader passionately.

This is usually where the trouble begins: the reader gets motivated by the bloggers’ writing based on the journalists’ effort – wherein the blogger gets most of the credit, even though the blog post has a link to the original article. This ends up with newspapers calling bloggers parasites for stealing their hits and ad revenue. Yet it is a symbiotic relationship.

Newspapers have to catch up with what the reader wants and offer both. Simply put: make it a competition between bloggers to have their interpretation of the journalistic alongside the main article. How this would work is quite simple. The main journalist’s article is published and a select group of bloggers will interpret the the news and submit their posts to the editor to be placed next to the article. What happens here is that newspapers gets the best of both worlds and don’t lose their ad revenue from external hits. The added benefit for the bloggers is that they get paid for this.

One caveat is that I don’t see this as an up voting system that creates a competition based on fan base. I leave this for the editor of the paper to create their own system and rules. It is their job to manage the paper and offer the reader the best commentary.

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