Brain Washing the Brain Washed

Khaleej Times repots that Kuwait is forming “teams of experts
and clerics to draw up plans to combat extremism and terrorism” to deal with the youth of Kuwait that
has been getting caught trying to get in Iraq to fight the US as well as the extremism in Kuwait that
has reached a “dangerous level”.

A number of clerics and preachers will spearhead the campaign to rectify wrong (religious) ideas embra
ced by the youth, neurologist pharmacy web Abdullatif Senan, buy more about director of the awareness and guidance department at the ministry
of social affairs, doctor said.

Then you got Middle East News reporting that Kuwait is investigating Mosque preachers that are spreading “Al Qaida ideology”.

You know if the government was more strict on controlling these Islamics and their diatribes instead o
f trying to get their votes. We wouldn’t be needing to form comitees or investigations to deal with th
is problem, cause the youth would have been taught right in the first place.

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