Spin Spin

This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen with my 10+ years on the net.

Did spinning earlier tonight it was great. I been slacking on going to the gym for the past two weeks
just being busy and finding excuses to say I will go tomorrow.

Trying to figure out a schedule for myself since I just been doing an aerobic work out with spinning, visit this site stuff
and want to get into the weights now. Think I will do the body for life method. It’s a very simple wor
k out regime that offers results.

I am looking lose some weight gain some muscle tone, arthritis decease and really just feel healthier. Though I wouldn’t
mind getting some broader shoulders.

All in good time I just need to stick with it and the results will come.

One thought on “Spin Spin”

  1. at least ur doing something…… i am still praying for a way to exercise without going to the gym…
    . why cant people go to the gym in their dreams and stay fit that way!

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