Where are the intellectuals?

32 Hours 7
is the true story behind The Cannonball Run
32 Hours 7
is the true story behind The Cannonball Run
I was talking to bozwayed tonight, healthful and we talked about
politics, surgeon life, religion, art, love, friends, family and everything and nothing in between. One thing
that centered around our myriad of topics and stuff was intellectuals.

We were taught different, we went out and explored. We saw life outside our protective bubble. We actu
ally experienced things that gave us the ability to make our own opinions and judgments and have reaso
ns and knowledge behind them. It wasn’t based on what was force fed to us. It was based on what we wer
e taught and learned.

We want to be mind fucked.

We enjoy it love it. To us having someone who makes us think, and just think of things differently is
what we look for. Dont tell us this is the way things are done. We dont adhere to that thought, cause
we know that isn’t true. We know that they are shades of grey, and colors in a rainbow.

And thats the problem in Kuwait, there isn’t anyone to mind fuck us. We come and become drones, follow
steps that make no sense and have no reason or concept behind them besides thats how things are done.

We look around us in Kuwait and see drones. There isn’t a culture that supports the arts, that encoura
ges people to learn, innovate and explore the world around us.

We are censored, held back and tied up.

This is in our schools, our religion, our government and the people around us.

So where are the intellectuals? The ones that stimulate our minds and thoughts in Kuwait. That encoura
ge the people to create and think.

I want to be able to visit art museums, to see movies that are compelling and controversial, I want to
read a book that excites me. I want to be able to say “wow that is fucking amazing”. I want to have s
omeone tell me “you know you have a good point, but let me tell you mine”. I want to.. I want a lot of

I want to be mind fucked.

18 thoughts on “Where are the intellectuals?”

  1. Dude, Why the hell are you searching for Intellectuals here in kuwati?

    The fact that we understand english opens alot of possiblities to be mind fucked.

    We have to think of things outside kuwait too.

  2. You create that state & you leave it by your own will, Kuwait is by far the most controversial country
    in the world bec. nothing goes the right way :}. Filled with predictable people but there are a few t
    hat really make you think & they are worth spending time with .. look for them, for me I found allot a
    s soon as i knew the net (since people here when on the net they can be more open) & was very happy to
    know Kuwaiti people that really think & make you think. As for the museums issue & open art galleries
    that don’t depend on the last name is what i also wish to find here I share the depression in this is

  3. Here in Kuwait you cannot have your own different opinion in anything politics, religion, art, relatio
    nships and so on. Everything must be in specific way and be predictable. Go out of the ordinary think
    differently and you will considered to be a rebellion or a weirdo. I think Kuwait is very small isola
    ted society, people are centered on certain circle of friends and family and on short-term goals (what
    I will do this weekend). Not for the next 10-20 years or next generation and the far future. It makes
    sad knowing there are no places to explore your mind and learn. I want to learn about space, I want t
    o experience it, see it, participate and do something. Its just there is nothing here in Kuwait. I wan
    ted to major in astronomy or aeronautics in college. But I knew it has no good future in Kuwait so I d
    ecided to go for Engineering.

    The main problem here in Kuwait is education. They dont give you chances to express yourself in your w
    ay. Read, memorize the whole book every sentence and word and you will be a good student. Oh, I hate
    MEMORIZING. Filling up your mind with junk stuff and no use of it. Create generations with undeveloped
    minds. Unfortunately, we are raised on not thinking outside the box or basically not thinking at all.
    I know I have learned nothing from high school although I was honor student.

    No brave steps are taken towards changing for the best either by the government or by the people. Som
    etimes I just wish the President of China take over the government for few years. Terrorize the Kuwait
    i people and turn them into productive people and hard working. I am not saying China is the best coun
    try in the world. I just think that we need someone like that yesan3na :P These are one of the solutio
    ns for lazy employees :P. I think we need to fellow Gandhis rule. Be yourself and you may be touch o
    thers people life and make a difference in Kuwait and in the world.

  4. People are too busy to sit and discuss issues that go beyond their daily lives simply because the inte
    ractions are superficial, based on burecratic work relationships or family governed circles that frown
    upon change. The country itself has gone through more change than any other country in the region. Yo
    u have to understand that people find comfort and security in religion and in tradition, so questionin
    g those ideals may threaten the emotional security of those who live in this country. So I guess the o
    nly change that can be done is by example not by force and only then the intellectuals will surface ab
    ove the religon/language barrior.

    Be Yourself

  5. Mindfucking only works when the brain is fuckable. In most cases, the fuckable part of the brain is af
    fected by another part, which is the stomachy part. The stomachy part makes the fuckable part not func
    tion well and hence, what you end up with is a bunch of drones with stomachy brains.

    Hmm this just came to me, why not drill a hole in the brain and fuck it with ideas and food at the sam
    e time? now that would make it go boom and you end up with mash, which is easier to control and “mold”

  6. The fear of being rejected, misunderstood, or even persecueted is behind this mental dullness, or “inf
    uckability”. If the consequences of speaking up your mind are not so daunting, then a healthier intell
    ectual atmosphere will not be difficult to achieve.

  7. Its funny when you look back at the “golden age” of Islam. They were exploring new ideas, and had a wi
    de variety of art and cultures interacting with each other and it was all under Sharia Law.

    Same with Kuwait in the “golden age”, we were open and trying new things and advancing forward in art
    and science. And Islam was out in the open and respected.

    What led to both those golden ages to decline? I am sure they had similiar reasons and its based on pe
    ople using Islam as a way to gain power.

  8. how many people or girls study english LET!!! kelkom english LET.!!! choose something else like hmm en

  9. What declined the Islamic “golden age” is the run after the lust not realizing the power of education
    & knowledge also the discussion about silly issues like what is the Du3aa’ for entering a room does it
    begin with Allahuma or Ya Rb !! .. & never the less the use of the religion as a tool to control peop
    le especially who lack of education & the knowledge of TRUE Islam .. its not Islam that made us not th
    ink its all the stupid ideas afterwards for instance Al-3roba did we gain from it ? I mean they really
    believed that Arabs can form a union !! .. after 40 years now we know better, I have all respect to f
    ellow Arabs but in real life WE can’t be together.

    How ever the so called Islamists in our dear country ruin the last trace of open culture. Being open m
    inded & seeing the world in an unbiased view ( unbiased to religion, language, color and every stupid
    thing people think by it they r better OR less!) is hard to be in this world BUT I trust the young min
    ds & the ability to start the change from our selves, explore the mind users & join them.

  10. well since so many of you major in this field, did not want one to come and say ” spelling mistake.”

  11. Purg- I would never point spelling mistakes, because I don’t wish to relegate myself to a mere automat
    ic spell check that is provided in Word, Blogger and any online dictionary, so if you didn’t bother to
    use one of these options to improve your spelling, I guess pointing out your spelling mistakes won’t
    make much difference, unless I wish to embarrass you :P

  12. I know exactly what you mean. Back when I was in highschool, I always daydreamed about going to a fore
    ign (preferably American) University and debating with other “intellectuals” ‘cuz the people in my sch
    ool were anything but. I also dreamed of meeting other Kuwaity people who actually knew proper english
    , people who watched foreign movies, and people who read books (big fat books) for fun. Sadly, I got k
    icked out of school haha and that was that.

    You want to be “mindfucked you say? Well for me it’s “Anime” that does it.

    As for being “unique” (having a different opinion, dressing differently, etc), it’s the same, the worl
    d over. People everywhere around the globe are being subjected to ridicule, scorn, and sometimes even
    harm just for being different. It’s been that way since the beginning of time.

    I completely agree with what MamaFusla said, which is, “You have to understand that people find comfor
    t and security in religion and in tradition, so questioning those ideals may threaten the emotional se
    curity of those who live in this country”, and I also agree with all of what ShoSho said.

    The thing is though, I think it all boils down to this, the way Islam is interpreted. In Afghanistan f
    or example, they’ve misinterpreted what’s written in the Holy Quran so look at how backwaters their co
    untry is. Then look at Malaysia which is on it’s way to quickly becoming one of the world’s technology
    superpowers, even though it is also a muslim country. Heck, in the year 2020 it’s going to be conside
    red one of the developed countries, while we’ll still be a third world country.

    Better yet, look at Dubai. 20 years ago IT WAS JUST A DESERT and now look at how far they’ve come. Not
    only is it the leading trade and economic metropolis of the Arabic world, but also foreigners are flo
    cking to it by the thousands. 3ala qoolat one of the sites “Dubai offers a kaleidoscope of attractions
    for visitors.” Their rulers are clever and open-minded and adapted very quickly to the changes in the
    world. To be completely fair though, it IS run like a corporation.

    The Americans here in Kuwait? They can’t wait to get out. Let alone, the other foreigners, save for Eg
    yptians. *gasp* I generalized!

    I know that this post by Nibaq isn’t recent but it’s the main reason I joined blogger.com I wanted to
    comment on it as soon as I got my own blog but then I lost track of where I’ve read this post before b
    ut now thankfully I’ve found it again. Another reason I joined is because I wanted to give-and-take wi
    th other fellow (Kuwaity) “intellectuals” *Hugs Nibaq’s Post* So thanks Nibaq for making this post bec
    ause I love it! In conclusion, I am not a psycho. Have a nice day :)

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