Taste vs Memmories

Ever wonder why people preffer Coke over Pepsi? Or how people can enjoy something that just tastes horrible? Well thanks to science and marketing we have the answers. Coke versus Pepsi: It’s all in the head

Scientists did a study of people drinking Pepisi or Coke then putting them on an MRI to see what part of the brain is triggered. They found two areas the taste section and the emotional one.

And it seems that Coke causes the most brain activity in the emotional area. So those marketing slogans and gimmicks showing people having a good time together drinking Coke works makes a cultural influence

They dont mention who the 67 test subjects were, this but I bet they were over 18. I bet if they test the younger generation who are highly targeted and were raised in this massed market world you would see much more results attached to emotional section of the brain rather than personal taste.

So do you drink Coke or Pepsi cause of the taste or some emotional attachment?

8 thoughts on “Taste vs Memmories”

  1. Coke all the way, baby!

    I think it’s more to do with the taste, and the burn in the back of your throat (which I love).

    I used to be “over-weight” a couple years back due to coke, but I’ve realized since I can’t cut back o
    n coke, I just cut back on everything else to balance it out, and now I’ve lost so much weight. Even I
    ‘m still amazed by it haha

    I’ve noticed that coke tastes different, all over the world so I’d like to point out that I only love
    the Coke in Kuwait :P

    As for the ad thing, I’m not affected by subliminal messages, well… not that I know of haha

    So I guess, it’s the chemical then? Although I still say it’s because of the burn in the back of your
    throat :P

  2. I dont like to drink sodas either Coke or Pepsi. But if I have the choice I would choose Pepsi over Co
    ke because I like the color of the can. Hehehe Blue is my favorite color and I hate red. So when I dri
    nk Pepsi I look at the can and feel good. Not because of the taste :P However, I am orange Juice fan ;

  3. I prefer pepsi on coke… but I prefer Diet coke on diet pepsi… don’t kniw why but thats my case :)

  4. For me its Pepsi over Coke, but I’d take RC Cola or Dr Pepper over those two any day.

    One strange thing is that sometimes I crave Diet Pepsi, has to be Pepsi, it is like I need a fix.

    DnG I know a guy who drinks 3 liters of Coke everyday. I remeber seeing at 10am going “I need a coke”
    it was an addiction. He was way overweight. And coke does change their taste for different locations,
    so it isn’t the one formula that the whole world loves like in their commericals.

    Maryam, why aren’t you drinking Fanta, or Mirinda? ,)

  5. Pepsi, coke in case of emergency. However, I do not like soda as much as I did when I was a kid and we
    used to get it in bottles. It tasted different then.

  6. Coke above and beyond anything else. I won’t even go to a restaurant if they’re a Pepsi place. I onl
    y drink one big one a day. It’s not so much that I’m addicted to the drink.. it’s the caffiene and th
    e fizziness. I’m really quite the bitch (hush X) without it.

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