New iPods!~!!

Can I get an uNF!?

Apple has released their highly waiting and anticipated Color iPod and the Black U
2 iPod

I am craving the color one that they are calling the iPod Photo. It has 60gs and a color screen that c
an be connected to your tv for sharing pictures. I feel the next firmware update for that will be able
to show movies!!

4 thoughts on “New iPods!~!!”

  1. Just when I just purchased the new iPod they release a newer one :r Screw Apple LOL! hehehe but oh wel
    l the new ipods are well out of my price range :r

  2. just imagine the number of items you have to now carry around with you to make use of the new iPod Pho

    1. power adaptor
    2. power cable
    3. camera to iPod cable
    4. or multi-card reader attachment for the iPod

    what else is there, there must be some more to elongate one arm more than the other to carry your comp
    uter bag with a few kilograms more junk?

    Hey but it’s worth it, the iPod Photo is very sexy and I want one (even though I just got an iPod 15G!

  3. I saw a pop up for a laptop that I think would suit you nicely. It was green with an alien head on th
    e outer cover :o)

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