VW Dreams

Turkish Coffee Stains

Turkish Coffee Stains

Turkish Coffee Stains

I have strange dreams in life. One of them is for a honey moon that involves getting a VW Westfalla and just crusising around Europe for a good month or 2 visiting all the countries, more about
leaving and staying when we felt like it (I also think it is the ultime litmus test. If you can live with that person within that confin ed space for a week without killing each other your marrige will last a lifetime). So seeing this concept VW Westfalla just makes me drool.

My other dream in life also involves a VW Bus. like putting a Porsche engine in one.

4 thoughts on “VW Dreams”

  1. I got confused for a while….thought u were dreaming for a moon made of honey and not honeymoon! the
    n i was wondering was a lady marriage had to do with the VW… i had to read it once more to understan


  2. I think ur right, it will let u know each other better & will show the real persons you are instead of
    the formal persons ppl turn into at the beggining of every relationship,,

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