What Sort of Man Reads Playboy?

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I just got me a nice stack of some Playboys from 1974-1982. These things are great I love old magazines I see them as a zeitgesit of our life and times. But Playboys is what I love to collect in terms of magazines, more about they had the best articles, interviews and commentary. The pictures they showed then are so tame compared to what is available in new stands now and this is just comparing them to Maxim and FHM. But Bo Derek is still a 10 in my book.

All of them have the centerfold still in them, which makes them extra valuable. One or two I already have, some I’ve seen in the stores before but just browsed through them. Some really good stuff in these things. I dont think I will find a better one than the interview with Stanley Kubrick I got, thats my pride and joy.

4 thoughts on “What Sort of Man Reads Playboy?”

  1. I remember when those playboys were in a shopping crate stashed somewhere in the corner of my closet. I am pretty sure you have most of your crap by now.

  2. When I got bored I was reading the old wired magazines from 1995. “Future hacker St. Jude has some advice for women who see technology as a problem: get modems.”

  3. Nibaq,

    I am a heterosexual lady but I LOVE PLAYBOY! The articles are catchy and informative, I also love Maxim for the articles.

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