Bluetoothing in Kuwait

Reason: Neal Stephenson talk about the Future

Reason: Neal Stephenson talk about the Future

I could never figure out bluetoothing in Kuwait, anaemia it just seems too complicated and confusing. Just sending messages and files to random names on your bluetooth search looking for a reaction in the crowd then repeating it to make sure and have some fake conversation with someone you aren’t sure if is a guy or girl. Then when you finally thing your getting somewhere, online they disappear. I dont get how people do it on a constant basis.

I thought it would be really practical to have some codes in your name like MF for Male Seeking Female then your name so people can learn to avoid you. But I am sure hte ones that are FM (female seeking male) would get tons of messages. But also listing how far you want to go like:

  • Casual Chat [C]
  • Dating [D]
  • One time Sex [S]

So you would get something like this MFC-SLk230
Male Seeeking Female for Casual Chat

I think that would make things much easier in terms of hooking up. Or you can pay for this program :Proxidatin. Which lets you create a profile with what your looking for, and add a picture of yourself and will search for people meeting your criteria and whe it does, it will ring and show your their picture.

I think my idea is cheaper and easier.

3 thoughts on “Bluetoothing in Kuwait”

  1. hahaha…taggable people/personalities. What I would like to see is blutooth chainlinkingthingy, you walk into a mall and you can suddently view all bluetooth devices being used in there. Bluetooth party! :(

  2. I totaly agree, I would like to try this out. I always have my bluetooth off will in public places. But I’ll start truning it on :D

  3. Nibaq,

    Bluetoothing to me feels a little intrusive, I wouldnt want to have a conversation with someone who I don’t even how they look. I am all for technology, but can’t we still have some human contact still, if you want to start a converstaion they just say, hello! Don’t even let me start on the porn that is sent, some of these people can’t even spell sex but they have such clips to make a porn star blush! Keep the bluetooth for use between friends is my motto.

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