Before the Fall

They are slowing getting rid of those old building down in Kuwait city. This is a mixed thing. Its good to get rid of those decaying buildings and bad cause they been there so long we kinda got used to them.

So I went there and took pan pictures of it from behind and some from infront. So that there be some history of it.

The Location is behind Jashalmall across the street from Muthana Complex or N 29 21’53” E 47 57’52”.

N 29 21’53” E 47 57’52” – a photoset on Flickr

2 thoughts on “Before the Fall”

  1. Yeah I remember when I was in kuwait in December, the baladya were there with their inspectors, checking the place. They will renovate the whole area around the city center, which in a way is good, but I will miss it, because it has been a part of my life. They will make more malls, pity I say.

  2. Pretty sad they are demolishing all those old buildings. Alot of glass and aluminium buildings comign up instead. i cant understand this place. They want to promote tourism yet get rid of heritage? why would someone want to visit kuwait if there is no booz, no nightclubs, and soon no mark of history visible except for the mosques. Some people enjoy going to euroep and looking at all the old buildings there, when they come back they dont realise that foreigners come to kuwait and part of what they like to look at is old Kwuaiti buildings! They should adopt mina alsalam and medinat jumeirah architecture for downtown kwuait hahaha

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