Uncle Oscar

SheWrites mentions the Oscars and looking at the list of winners and even the nominees I am happy to say that the only movie I watched was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which is a great movie.

I really haven’t had time to watch movies lately it just takes too much time and I really think there is nothing good to watch. Seems books and reading and just doing other random stuff occupies most of my time.

4 thoughts on “Uncle Oscar”

  1. I can comment on the Aviator, which is good cinematically and is consistent with Scorsese films, but not the best. The acting is normal and the story itself is weak. I think he should go back to what he does best, films on NY.

    I do not remember that film, but it was about ambulences in NY with Nicholas Cage, that was good. His other contributions to world cinema such as last temptation of christ, raging bull, casino, had an element that is distinctive and should be remembered. If he ever wins an Oscar for a film is doubtful, he might get an oscar for life time achievement, but as we all know, once you get that you die :)

  2. He will get an Oscar once he makes a movie about a black jewish retarded girl that is set in the civil war or something.

    He does make great movies but I think he pissed off some people in the Oscar community. The academy is a mean and very picky bunch. Just look at Robert Altman and his movies. He has recived many nominations and acclaim but still no Oscar.

  3. hahahahaha, now that is one heck of a movie. Yeah I think they have something aganist catholics.

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