Protest at 8am

My pictures from national day weekend

My pictures from national day weekend

I got this SMS forward about women’s rights in Kuwait.

Day Of Solidarity. Monday, look 8am, the seaside in front of Parliament. Stand up for women’s rights. Join everyone and wear blue. Forward please.

I am all for women’s rights and that they deserve the vote, no questions. Yet I have one problem with this thing, 8Am? You want people to go to Kuwait City at 8am and try to find parking in that area? Don’t they know how bad traffic is around that time, or even that people have jobs, kids and other things they need to do?

If your going to have a protest make sure the time is right where you can get the most amount of people without them having a legitimate excuse for not being there. A majority of protests occur around or past noon. One recent example is the Lebanese protest against Syria was around 1pm. I don’t even remember Islamic groups having protest before noon.

If the organizers of this really want a turn out have it at a better time. Or to give it a real impact have a silent 24hour vigil in front of the Parliament. That would guarantee good press coverage and show the dedication of the people who want women rights to happen.

5 thoughts on “Protest at 8am”

  1. I dont know why they picked that time. If it is due to a vote or a comittee meeting then they should have mentioned it in the SMS so people are well informed. And your right people will also be sleeping around that time as well.

  2. lol!

    Ya… i can see this happen… lol
    get off your lazy asses people and go!

    If you have work, you get to work late. that’s the price you pay for your rights. Who cares about a little bit of traffic!

    Let me remind you of something “wear last year’s fendi jeans and go! this way you wont ruin your latest versace jeans.”

  3. lol

    u know what? for some reason i misunderstood ur post and gf’s post and smsed everyone i know (including press) informing them the protest is today lol.

    i was wondering why nobody said anything about it today…and i felt guilty that i didnt wake up

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