Rebel Rebel, Put on Your Dress

I am up. Dont recall ever getting up this early in a long time…
I am up. Dont recall ever getting up this early in a long time…

Got back from the protest around 30 minutes ago and already uploading the pictures. Will offer link to the photoset once its done.
Kuwaiti Women Solidarity Protest. These aren’t my pictures my friend was using my digital mine will be up in a couple days (slide film)

It was a great protest I regret leaving now but I needed to get back to work. My Mom is now at the Parliament for the meeting so thats great.

They were lots of young faces there and very excited to be part of the movement. One thing that got to me was a lot of them were shouting slogans in English and Arabic. You can tell this was a very multicultural crowd and wanting change. I saw friends and family there which was great.

I didn’t hold any poster cause I was so busy running around taking pictures. I was wearing blue and believe that by being there and documenting it for people is good for the cause.

I have more pictures from my regular film cameras, cialis sale but they are slide and will take about a day to develop and stuff, but once I get them rest assured they will be on line as well.

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