On My Way Back

Traveling to Bangkok tonight will be back on Saturday morning.
Traveling to Bangkok tonight will be back on Saturday morning.
I can’t believe its been 3 days without internet or any form of communication. I am dead tired and at the airport lounge waiting for my flight. Bangkok is amazing city, diet I have really fallen in love with it. Even with the pollution, the taxi drivers, and the traffic to me its what makes it a city.
There is this life and culture here that accepts the new but respects teh old ways. It really knows where it is, been and going. I have lots of faith in this place and country. My trip was sudden and kinda unexpected it just happened. I been so busy that past week at work and the 2 days proir to my trip that I totally forgot when I was leaving. That day I just wanted to go home take a shower and just go to sleep. Then found out that I had to leave, so when I got home showered packed my bags then left for airport it was just bam bam bam. Luckily being that tired allowed me to sleep on the plane. I just got to my seat had my blanket and pillow and passed out even before we took off and didn’t wake up until we landed.
Also the drive from airport to hotel I was sleeping. Really that whole day whenever I got the chance to rest my eyes I did. Didn’t care where I was I just needed my sleep.
We had a good business trip met with some the companies and old friends. I toured around the city at night and ate lots of sea food at the Sea Food restaurant.
This place is amazing their slogan is “if it swims we have it” and they do a good job of keeping stocked with fish. Two nights in a row we were there just stuffing myself with fish. Suprisingly I actually lost a kilo being here just a couple days. I think it was from eating the healthy food and walking around all day and eating regulary. Something I really need to do in Kuwait.
I am trying to capture my trip quickly before I forget but its just feels like I been here a week and really I been taking it to the extreme. Wake up and goto the meetings and stuff, then go back to the hotel rest for like an hour get up and go out to town dinner and stuff.

Let me try to list some stuff to talk about later:
Sky Train, this thing rocks and we need one in Kuwait
Music got me some thai cds and need to get a CD player screw mp3s and ipod they aren’t practical when you travel and buy.
Food thai food rock, ’nuff said
People the people here are just friendly and filled with life you can tell by the way they eat. Where else in the wolrd you can find a place that offers a 7 course meal on the street.
Temples. Seeing places of offerings nad temples right next to high rises and 5 star hotels
Massages: they give good massages here different from teh swedis, they aim for certain points on the back and body. It amazes me how so many thai people get massages and massage parlors are located here. And I mean real massages not that wink wink nudge nudge stuff.
That reminds me everytime we took a cab I say in front and had to deal with the taxi driver showing me the same freaking brochure of “massage parlors” Every cab we took had the same freaking brochure atleast change them a bit and pass em around. They take them out of their pocket open them up and give you their speil. And its the same one, its like they are trained to say the same thing.
That reminds me of another thing, twice we went to the Seafood Restaurant and twice they tried to take us to a completely different one, it looked sea food, but wasn’t the orignal one. So keep your eyes out for that here.
Colors, lots of colors here its like they are trying to treat their eyes, the same way they treat their food.
Hunidity, ick but the city life makes you forget it and just walk
Got a suit tailor made for me
The shopping here is really extensive with lots of choices and styles.
The night market. That was freaky we stepped in to this bar to cool down and rest our feet, leave and its a whole new street filled with small stands selling fake watches, dvds, tshrits. It was shocking when we went in it was empty sidewalk and leave to find a whole mall. The dvd system here is like Kuwaits you tell them what you want, he makes a call and tada he has your dvds ready to go. The prices here were just cheaper than Kuwait’s, but we didn’t haggle hard enough.
So glad to go home, but man I got work tomorrow as well get to home, shower sleep for an hour or 2 then get back to work. Ugh…
Grand Hyatt is a great hotel, great staff and security. I was impressed when I went back to my room and they were cleaning it and the guy asked me to use my card to make sure it was my room. That rocked. I love when they are secure like that.
We went to this mall and on the top fall was the Thai Knowledge Park this thing rocked my wolrd in so many ways. Its this palce for kids and teens to read books, and magazines get online, learn how to do computer stuff, experience a whole new world. The place is made for kids to learn how to express themselves. It is something we desperately need in Kuwait for our lost youth.
Have and idea for a project in Kuwait, finally got some of the strings out of it need to check on some stuff more info on it later.
Oh pictures took a good couple pics I hope, once I get them developed I will be sure to have them online.
Being away from the internet for 3 days is wierd but really freeing. After the 2nd day I was like eh. Even my phone was quiet no messages or calls which was also weird.
Sent the postcard to my mailing list. So those who read it be expecting somethig in the mail soon.
Um drained and tired.
Oh Bed great club, stylish and fun but the DJ there was SO BAD! Train wrecking all over the place and mixing song badly, we be dancing and grooving to one song, the bam switches to another, no mix or transfer, just switch. Very annoying was going to jump of his decks and then take him outside to beat him down.
I miss the good bass line.
Once I get home need to catch up on stuff I missed dont have many emails to reply too which is good, cause I am so bad on repling to them.
Anyway I am going to walk and stuff before the flight.

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  1. Did ya get a card for me :). When you come to visit, I need ya to read a post card ya sent. I can’t read it! Also, fly into Laquardia, I work there :)

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