The Female Imam

I saw parts of this early this morning, physiotherapist troche medstore hearing a woman doing the prayer call on TV and ignored it and went to work. Then when driving to work in the afternoon VOA had a thing on it and when they said that “a female was leading the Friday prayer”. After hearing that I felt something icky in my throat.

Its not that I have anything against them learning the Koran or even teaching it. Most if not all of my teachers for Islam have been women. They are the ones that taught me that its a mans responsibility to lead the prayers including being Imam on the Friday prayer. I even recall one time during Ramadan when I went to pray the Magreb. I put my prayer mat just behind one of my aunt’s as she was praying and prayed. After I finished praying I got scolded by her for praying behind a woman. For me it was praying at an empty spot, to her it was sacrilege.

I am all for womens rights, and that they should have equality under the law and be able to voice their opinion. There is an essay on the matter: What Would the Prophet Do? The Islamic Basis for Female-Led Prayer By Nevin Reda. Where she lists objects and evidence for allowing women being Imam of prayer and sadly her evidence sucks. She just list why women should be leaders and that their should be fairness between the sexes in birth and death. And I agree that a woman can be a leader and have authority and power one great and prime example is Khadeeja, Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) wife. She was a business owner and a very powerful and rich merchant and first women to convert to Islam, but she wasn’t leading the prayer.

Also her the objections she listed with her opinions against them are bland and dont have much refute. They dont offer me enough evidence for to even think about agreeing with her.

Yet where she is coming from is a good place. Her aim for this is to let women get the powers they deserve under Islam to be leaders, professionals in the work place, society and their home. This is what we should strive for and aim for. But please dont twist religion like the extremists to help in your own personal agenda.

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  1. Hmmm Christians had the same issue around 10 years ago. In Christianity, women can’t become priests. The reason they have for this has nothing to do with Christianity but instead it is believe that a priest is supposed to represent Christ… teaching us about Christ and so forth. The Pope is Christ’s representer on Earth. I know this sounds funny but this really is what it’s about.

    ANYWAYS, a girl wanted to become a priest in Canada… then finally they allowed her. I don’t know how thats going over there but it still is refused in this region.

    I don’t think we should care what sex the priest or sheikh is but what we should care for is if they are right for the job or not… I dont want a child molester preaching me…

  2. waheva the f eva this is so fed up did we run out of men i mean we are happy just the way things are .the problem is that women just got a lot of tyme to think and cum up wid wierd ideas wat next hmmm…. still thinkin’

  3. Hi,
    Honestly have women ran out of things to do as part of this society that they were left with this.
    This is not the sane as being a sheikh or priest because we have women who have assumed religious status and who are available for guidance and advice.
    This will make other women, and I am one of them, a laughing stock.
    For heaven’s sake, the young generation is totally lost, between being raised by nannies and going to private schools, they have lost what it means to be a Muslim, this will just make them despise the whole idea of our religion.
    Before we seek women’s rights, lets sort out our homes, husbands and children, lets resume the title “lady of the manor”, only then can we venture to the outside world.

  4. I dont think this issue can be really compared with christianity. Since in Islam their isn’t an organized structure. We dont have a Pope, or priests. ITs based on that a man can lead the mens prayer and the Friday prayer.

    One thing that she failed to mention and I forgot is that its actually stated that women going to Friday prayer is not compulsory. I think that alone gives good reason for them not being Imam and especially for Friday prayer.

    And Srhink is right. Women need empowerment in the home more than in politics or work, or even at prayer. Cause at the end of the day it is the mother that makes sure her children are wise and courteous. So if the people who are against women rights were raised by the right women we wouldn’t be having this issue.

  5. hey wait a minute @shrink (For heaven’s sake, the young generation is totally lost, between being raised by nannies and going to private schools, they have lost what it means to be a Muslim, this will just make them despise the whole idea of our religion)I am part of the present generation and yea right now we all try and act like hey we aren’t narrow minded and not everything is religion and traditions i got a lot of friends lyke that at first wen i heard bout the women voting thing i thought it was only bout the voting not being elected in the parliment i was so against that i mean in this society the idea stinks c’mon half the things u said aren’t true and wats wrong wid guin to a private skool i go to one t’s a christian skool with nuns and am aight and am straight wid my religion we wear hijab and do wat other muslim gurls do we even got a prayer room and islamic classes the nanny part i dun’t know neva had one my mum hates the idea so am not gonna argue about that ah.. traditions okay i’ll admit it’s sometimes a little farfetched for me but i live with it the truth is i’m identified by my traditions in the society (am a nigerian though kinda twist things dosen’t it)

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