My New Baby

After waiting having a tough and long labour process involving waiting and staring at watches that stopped working I finally got her. She weight just over 4.6lbs and is 15″. I have named her Connie (short for Conduit).

Ah the joy she brings me in holding her. I know some other will be getting same ones soon. I hope they bring as much and more joy.

All I need now is a Hello Kitty stick to put on her.

10 thoughts on “My New Baby”

  1. Here’s a Cigar! (At first I really thought your wife just gave birth…hey don’t look at me that way, okay! I’ve been gone for awhile and anything could’ve happened in “awhile”) :P All the same “Congrats Congrats!” :)

  2. Does anyone know what he is talking about?

    FWIW, 12″=4.6 and 15″=5.6 … So which one is it…

    And how is #1’s Sony holding up?

  3. I’ve got limited Edition Hello Kitty Stickers dressed up as the Guys from KISS. A friend got them for me from Paris. Apparently Only 50 In the World have been issued… ANDDDDDD I’VE GOT THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mwaaaahahahahahahahhahaaaaaa…

    And Guess What ?!?! I AM STICKING THEM ON MY LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!! NYaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahhahahaha….

    Ok, it’s Hello Kitty Madness… I know.. But I love her… :( I miss the Sanrio store in Al-Khaled Complex.

    I am also thinking of scanning them and making MORE stickers.. Copyright? Who Cares!

  4. I only hope you treat your powerbook better than you treat the rest of your stuff. If I see just ONE scratch on it……. ur dead. seriously!

    which reminds me, the purse is still in marks car.

    oh….. and did i tell you congratulations on ur baby?! congrats! :D

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Seems the girls understood what I was talking about. I love my Apples, and sure I some what take it to extreme in their usage, but we love taking things to limits.

    PSS: I used to have a Hello Kitty sticker book but can’t find it. I’ll take a picture of my old iBooks stickers.

    DnG you been gone so long I thought you got married and had a baby -p

  6. LOL! This put a smile on my face. Congrates on a new toy :). U can show it to me when you get to NY.

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