Airport Customs – How To

Made a new section in KuWiki called How Tos. Basiclly is a place where we can write about getting stuff done in Kuwait. In terms of the government and the required paperwork and hoops to jump. It would just be great to know what you are in store for before going on this journey. So you can be prepared with the write paperwork and arguements.

I just wrote one about Airport Customs which is on how to get your package from them.

3 thoughts on “Airport Customs – How To”

  1. You should make a video game .. the mission involve completing govenment tasks. Cheats = wasta.

  2. I think this is a great idea. It’d make a lot of people’s life a lot easier if they knew what to expect and what they need exactly with them when they need to do some paperwork for something.
    I salute you for this idea.

    And K, that’s hilarious.
    Very funny…

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