Give Me Money

Give Me Money

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MTC’s ad saying Kuwait should vote for the Kuwaiti in StarAcademy and they will be discounting 25%. Which is 100fils from 400.

What crap is that? Its like giving a discount so that you can sell more volume.

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  1. Eh, sorry for being such an american but I have no clue what you are talking about but then again what do I know :)

  2. Its common…duh!!…practice to make discounts to sell volume. I don’t know what all the fuss is about.
    In other news, isnt it odd that this is the second Kuwait-Saudi face off on star academy. I really think the whole vote is rigged. Who even knows….its all self regulated. They are in the bussiness of selling entertainment.

    Kuwait-Saudi face off of any kind is entertaining.

  3. Amy its Middle Eastern Idol and people vote mostly by text messages. the market leader in wireless services in kuwait is MTC. so mtc offered a discount on votes directed to the kuwaiti contender in the competition. if you vote for the kuwaiti, you’ll get a discount on your text message. this is basically a sales scheme in the form of pro-nationalism. the discount will let stingy people vote anyway, increasing the volume of messages, and therefore profit. typical of cunning kuwaiti businesses trying to juice every penny out of the people…

  4. Star Academy is like (American Idol + Big Brother + Real World).
    A bunch of kids from the middle east live in this house, are filmed 24/7 and its show live on satellite. You watch them eat, dance, learn to sing and perform and live their lives with these strangers.

    Then at the end of the week, they pick 3 in the beginning and now its 2 kids that are the weakest in learning singing and dancing. So there is a vote of between them. The voters are text messaging viewers who will be paying $1.25 per vote to have their favorite stay.

    Then on Sunday its the big show, singing, dancing some famous singer comes to perform with the kids, and then the vote occurs, The one with the least votes gets kicked out.

    Its all one big scam and stuff.

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