But I Want to Give You Money

Google Gulp Google has something great again! Its called Google Gulp!! And comes in 4 great flavors.

So drink up!
Google Gulp Google has something great again! Its called Google Gulp!! And comes in 4 great flavors.

So drink up!
I really have a problem with government when it comes to me giving them money. They make it so damn hard and impossible that you just want to say screw it and let them suffer. Either they do not have a KNet machine, sales or only take cash in 10kd notes or that the treasury is closed and have to come back tomorrow, or the guy working looks at the papers work and doesn’t want to deal with it today so tells me come tomorrow.

In our company I always say if the customer want to give you money, you do what ever it takes to get it. Open late, go for it! He doesn’t have a car, we go pick it up. As a business making it difficult or hard to pay us makes the customer say screw it and just forget about paying then we have to go chase them down for it.

One company that is open for any time of payments in Kuwait is MTC. They will take money from anyone. They dont ask if its your phone, or someone else’s, if you are going to give them money to pay for a bill they will do it with a smile and give you a receipt. Why waste time asking for ID or verification? You have someone walking in ready to pay 300kd for a bill, you are not going to say”no”.

The Kuwaiti government needs to put KNet in all their treasuries, it will make life so much easier for us and the workers, no more counting the money or checking if its fake or not and paying for security service to come pick it up. Maybe thats next in our “e-Government” system thats always getting delayed.

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  1. wow thats strange , i’m always asked for my ID at MTC , not only that but they also copy my Knet information ( which i hate ) i started paying them cash

  2. Nibaq im not sure if you have authority at kuwaitblogs, but I noticed that a lof of these comments on the posts are flooded with porno links or just spam..anything you can do about that?

  3. Ed: It is a never ending battle, I killed like over 500 yesterday and today got hit again today. It is why I am moving to WordPress on the home site has a much better spam control system.

    So watch that space.

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