Utter Crap

Leaning Tower of Jabriya

Leaning Tower of Jabriya

The US version of the hit UK series The Office is utter and total crap!

I am watching the first episode and want to gouge my eyes out and delete it forever. You know how when your friends do something thats funny, cure and then someone else who wasn’t there, ed tries to reenact it and just does it all wrong. Then you just want to beat him to a bloody pulp.

So yeah thats how it bad it is.

I hope it gets canceled and the actors and producers, and everyone who took part in the American edition of it goes to hell.

2 thoughts on “Utter Crap”

  1. I just downloaded two episodes for my trip today … Didnt download anything else, so I am going to watch it .. and like it.

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