7 thoughts on “Pigeons’ Nest”

  1. Your review lacked a lot of details. Was the place crowded thats why the service was bad? What did you order to say the food wasnt good?

    I personally think Burj Al Hamam is the best Lebanese place in Kuwait. The grills are all good, the raw meet is supposingly the best (my mum has it and she knows). The shawerma is the ultimate, the Jalab is very refreshing, the garlic is incredible, the service very friendly and the desert… hmmmm…

    Will review it after lunch this friday.

  2. The place wasn’t crowded at all, lots of empty areas around us. They severed your standard Lebanese food. The only thing the place has for itself is the decor and the name, other than that it is alright.

  3. they served the standard lebanese food because.. its a lebanese restaurant.

    anyway, please hold till the weekend for my full comprehensive review ;)

  4. Burj Al Hamam is the best restaurant in kuwait ,all his waiters are lebanese,i am sure that a few lebanese restaurant in kuwait ha the same

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