Waking Up and Staying Up

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I am not a morning person, hygiene store I enjoy just laying in bed and resting and sometimes takes me an hour after waking to finally get out of bed and really being awake. Last year in order to fix this problem I did a basic thing I kept my blinds open. This allows sunlight to go through my window in the morning and gradually wake me up. It worked some what well, side effects pills but it was during Fall when I started, try which led to winter, with less sun.

So now with summer getting closer and closer I have been getting up earlier and earlier. This past week to my father astonishment I am up by 7. That is cause I wake up around 6. What is surprising me is that I am enjoying it. Since I am not in a rush to leave to work, I have time to eat breakfast (Frosted flakes). This also been helping my diet, since I am not starving by lunch time for not eating anything since dinner.

It has really been a rejuvenating thing, and since there isn’t much to do in the mornings I plan to start heading to the gym before work. Do some quick aerobic exercise then just have breakfast at work.

Now I want to keep this up when winter comes and luckily found this page Six Ways to Jump-Start Your Day. He has some good pointers and one that I plan to do is that light alarm clock. It seems exactly what I need.

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  1. I too would like to start going to the gym. I’m gaining so much fat from all the junk and fast food I eat everyday. The problem though is what gym is good and close to the area where we live?!

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