Playing Cards

In Wafra

Playing Cards

In Wafra

Last night I had another attack of bad service at a food establishment.

First let me say how much I feel about service. To me it is one of the breakers or makers at a place that I wish to eat at and will frequent. What I consider good service is promptness, ailment respect and my main thing is acknowledgment. I hate it when I go to a place and they just ignore you, price and this is anytime during my visit.

For me when an establishment, like a restaurant where I am going to be giving them money for the services they render feels they can slack off or just ignore me makes me feel that they dont deserve my money. I get this feeling that I should just walk out and not even pay for anything.

This happened to me yesterday with Burj Al-Hamam. I felt the service was lousy cause they weren’t acknowledge me. They have this reputation for being a good place to eat with excellent food, decor etc. This I believe has gotten to their head and ignore their customers since they feel if they lose me someone else will take my place.

With their arrogance they forget that word of mouth is one of the greatest marketing tools, and bad reviews people remember more than the good ones.

So back to last night it was with Hagen Daaz at Souq Sharq. The service their just sucked, we were waiting outside for someone to notice us, nothing. My dad went inside to get their attention, they came out with a menu and then forgot about us. The waitress came around us, past us, but no look. Didn’t even bother asking if we were ready to order.

Now what is different between these to places was that Hagen Daaz is a simple place and the employees there just really dont know any better. So Even though I was annoyed and told them I couldn’t hold it against them. Burj Al-Hamam on the other hand is a reputable place and which strive to a better and higher level of service.

Customer service seems to be a problem in Kuwait. Many places are focusing on marketing campaigns and decor etc and neglecting their customers. Yet I believe what all these customers are looking for is acknowledgment.

Wrote this Wed. just didn’t have time to post it.

4 thoughts on “Annoyances”

  1. In America, I would not tip them. In Kuwait, I would speak to the manager, who would probably fire them.

  2. and u wonder why i love waterlemon… its the service…not marketing, not ads, the service, then their coffee and drinks, and last but not least their food.

  3. I would walk out too, just not worth my time hangin around waiting for someone to serve me. Might as well be home servin myself.

  4. I give a restaurant wait staff five minutes to acknowledge me when I first sit down, and ten minutes from there to ask me for my order. If they don’t move any faster than that, I walk out and find someplace new.

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