Simple Pleasures

Amazon has changed their template and I like it. Much more cleaner and uncluttered.
Amazon has changed their template and I like it. Much more cleaner and uncluttered.
One thing I miss about the US is the movie theaters. There is a real joy in going to see a movie there, cardiology it isn’t like Kuwait where you have to plan for it, stomach then deal with idiots, disinfection and horrible portions at the snack section and nazi attendants not letting you get comfy or be able to sit where you want. In the US it is simple, you want to see a movie, check out the schedule go there your snacks and go sit where ever you want and enjoy the movie. No one bothering you with talking, or phone calls or having the movie cut.

Nice simple pleasure, for you to go and just go there and watch a movie.

One of my favorite pleasures was seeing movies alone. I know it sounds lonely and stuff, but it was me time. I loved it after a long week of friends, school and work just to step away from it all with no commitments buy my own. Maybe go music shopping as wait for the movie to start, or get some comics or books, wander around the city. Then see the movie then go to one of my favorite eateries eat and read the comic or book I just got. Then on the way home on the bus listen to the recently purchased CD.

It was simple, quiet and all about me.

Oh and sometimes I would go shopping for clothes.

7 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures”

  1. 1- doesn’t sound lonely at all, i wanna go and watch a movie alone, but being a girl sucks lol so when i pull up my lazy leather couch and put on a dvd and turn off all the lights, and keep my dinner on my lap, it’s almost as if i’m in the cinema (minus the chicken fillet on my lap lol)

    and 2- will u marry me?!?! ( Oh and sometimes I would go shopping for clothes.)

    nice post, quiet hehehe

  2. Now that is something I can really relate too. Not many people understand the pleasure of watching a good movie alone, to be totally consumed by it (endimaj taam), to feel as part of the events with every sense you have, without somebody next to you nagging you with stupid comments and stupid question like did you see that? (yes I saw it, why else do you think I’m here for ballah?), and basically ruining the hole thing for you. I agree nipaq .. a very very simple pleasure, yet so hard to achieve in Kuwait.

    Shopping for books would be it for me.

  3. You got me all misty eyes.. I felt for you.. I miss that more than anything.. Last time I went to a theater in Kuwait back in 1999.. never did after that..

  4. I am actually going to the Cinema right now to watch Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. You guys can taunt me in Ramadan, when I am eating alone at McDonalds.

  5. Rawand, the day ussually consists of me wandering the city, stopping at book store, and music shops and comic shops some clothes shopping then a movie. A queit simple me day.

    Jandeef, watching at home is great, but there is that whole move experience that you can’t beat.

    Don: Group hug ,)

    K, tell me how it is.

  6. Nibaq .. it was quite good. I expected them to butcher the story line but they stayed true for the most part. Two thumbs up!

    So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

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