Contrast at the Art Show

It is 9pm & it is raining in Dahiya.
It is 9pm & it is raining in Dahiya.
I visited the art showForza mentioned earlier. I have to say that it was a show that contrasted of Arab life. One on left you had May Al-Saad’s vibrant colors of people dancing and fighting. The on the on the right was Samar Al-Bader’s more cooler colors with people sitting alone, read or of a quiet landscape.

I think having them in the same room open to each other was a very bad idea. For once you walk in the first thing you notice is May’s side with its strong colors of red, and yellow. You were just attracted to that side and simply ignored Samar’s. I had to push myself back to Samars side to really take in her paintings. Sadly I gave them second notice due to the magnetism of May’s.

Both had very simple and quiet brush strokes, pushing and gliding the oil paint to where they feel it just right. You can even tell they are good friends and spend time with each other and also inspire each other with some of the similarities in their stroke.

Yet I am seeing a rift between then, May is moving to more dynamic and modern art style one example is Eid in Sharqia. She is moving to more expressive strokes. While Samar is moving to more classic, refined approach to her paintings with her subtle strokes. .

I see great promise for these two artists. They both come from the same root yet now branching apart, but still inspiring each other. I do suggest at their next show together to either put divider to separate their paintings. Or one which I think would be a great idea is to collaborate to pick one topic and create a painting each inspired from it and place them next to each other. I think this would create a ying yang feel. One one side you would see Samar’s classic and calm, then on the other May’s modern and loud. Thus giving you the full spectrum of the inspirational piece.

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  1. AlSalam, on behalf of Samar and myself I’d like to thank you for choosing the art show as a topic for your blog entry. It was a delightful surprise to stumble upon your blog and to see you and Forza writing about the exhbition and stating how pleasent of an experience it was. I enjoyed reading your views on the exhibition.
    My best regards,
    May AlSaad

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