7 thoughts on “Desert Fog”

  1. ? you mean they have them off right?

    i had my rear fog lights on. wouldnt one some idiot ramming into me cuz he couldnt see me.

  2. i dont think he meant the people are idiots because they have the hazard lights on. calling people idiots because they are using hazard lights in very low visibility doesnt make sense. they are made to be used in that kind of situations.

    did you know that having your lights on when driving during the day can help reduce accidents considerably. imagine how much accidents you can reduce by having a fog light or hazard light on during poor visibility.

  3. Hazard lights are those yellow blinking ones. I too had my fog lights on. I call those people idiots cause those lights are for emergency but they use them here for stupid & unneeded reasons.

  4. not true at all.

    The hazard light means caution. They can be used during heavy rain, poor visibility or incase of a sudden stop.

    Hazard lights can also be used during emergencies.

  5. Hazard light are for emergencies not for lack of vision! they are only used if you have an accident or for a sudden stop or something,, head & fog lights are used for such situations, Mark think of what if there was an accident on the road today with this weather :} & you used ur flashing lights “hazard” ALL the time ,, what will you do if you have to stop suddenly & wait in line till the accident is dealt with ?? peopla expect to see flash in emergency & ur read & fog lights to know you are there ,, this is what i think is logical

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