The Force is Strong in Kuwait

I Bent My Wookie

About to see Star Wars!!

I Bent My Wookie

About to see Star Wars!!

I Bent My Wookie

About to see Star Wars!!

Just got back from watching Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and have to say it is a pretty good movie. It really is better than the previous two and it does what it was suppose to in telling the story. This one really dove into the whole change from Anikin to Darth Vader. Natalie Portman was more of a cameo in this movie, viagra order
you only had her in a couple scenes and most of those were cut cause of the kissing.

The fight scenes were pretty good the and were bit tame in the beginning, but I think that was on purpose to make the final battle between Darth Vader and Obi Wan Kenobi stronger.

Special effects, also good, ILM can do no wrong.

Even the whole experience of going to see it was great, meeting up with friends before the movie talking and catching up then getting the pop corn and candy and even the seats. Souq Sharq has a nice theater a bit small compared to the ones in Salmiya but comfy. The theater was pretty much full and what was funny no one was talking or being annoying in the audience. Actually I take that back, my friends and I were talking and cracking jokes during it. I even took out my wookie when they showed Chewbaka.

What disturbed me was the commercials before the movie, they had child pornography! I am not kidding They had these kids swim wear ad with this techno song that you would be listening to in Ibiza and had these kids around 7-8 dancing and stuff. It was really sickening, they had close up of asses and other flesh. Just very wrong.

If you are a Star Wars fan, go see it, dont miss out on it, go watch it with your friend in a large group or even the family. It is worth it to see it in the big screen. And I have to say going to see a movie in Kuwait has become a pretty good experience, and I am glad to see this change. Only thing left for them to do is allow me to sit where ever I want and stop the censoring!

Damn, now I want to go watch the rest of the movies and see what happens!

6 thoughts on “The Force is Strong in Kuwait”

  1. Just saw it…

    Lucas made me cry, a perfect tragedy and everything makes sense now.

    good thing I got the original trilogy on DVD…I want to see Darth Vader now and feel sorry for his loss….

  2. I dun’t know anything ’bout star wars so ama shut up
    but seriously wats so great about it i remember licking a starwars cola lolie pop wen i was 6 and now am 17 star wars been here for a long tyme wen is it gonna die.(if i have offended any star wars fan hahah like duh!!! am sorry)get the same feeling wen ppl abuse orange juice I feel ur pain
    just getting my word out there .

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