4 thoughts on “Safety First”

  1. You could have at least connected the gound. However, logically it seems quite safe. If the cable pops out .. no problems because there wont be 240 volts flowing through it.

  2. It wasn’t me who did this, I just saw it and took a pic. I wouldn’t do something like that too dangerous. My Dad always taught me make sure you have a plug, he even made sure anything we got that was European plug was made into an English one.

  3. Well at least they’ve connected the colours to the correct holes.

    You wouldn’t believe it but I had some workers at home last week where they connected live wires like this to a very shakey double-socket, and they left the whole thing while working with a saw/grinder at the edge of the pool! When I asked them why, they just sort of shook their heads, smiled and carried on working.

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