mmm carbs

So as Rita pointed out I got some confessions
Well Rita and I are going to be a couple soon
I love eating bread (I am a carb whore)
Purg is hunka hunka burning love
and my name is Bader.

kthxbai drivethruplz

14 thoughts on “mmm carbs”

  1. So that is what has been going on between you two, and I was left in the dark as usual!!! fine fine! I will just go hang with symbol :P

  2. bader… i hate u!

    you guys, me and bader are not a couple as you imagine.
    notice he said we’re going to be a couple…. what he is talking about is that he and i are making a membership at a health club and since we want to save money, we’re taking the couple membership….him being my couple.

    It is true… he does love carbs… his name really is bader… as for this thing with purg… am not too sure anymore.

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