6 thoughts on “Shiny Teeth”

  1. Hey dude beautiful mouth :)
    but why you teeth look like that ??! :(

    you need bright smile sweet fella a’6ab6ek e-mail me if u want i get you discount :) 7asafa 3ala hal beautiful mouth

  2. Nooni, its from the light and my teeth are just fine, but thanks for the info for the discount, but I love my dentist she rocks, and was telling me to go check out one of her patients as a marriage candidate.

    Purg -p

  3. sure you do love your dentist we all do :) i love mine very much he puts me in the greatest thing feeling ever …

    but dude if light gives your teeth this color then dont smile for pictures you will look bad :P
    just go get your self bright smile you will be happy 9adegny …and if u r with Dr,anisa then she knows what i mean ;)

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