Before I Go

We were 9 players to Saudi’s 12.
We were 9 players to Saudi’s 12.
Off to Holland tonight and doing my last minute things now cause I will not have time in the evening at all for em.
I backed up my phone, allergy most important thing to do before any trip, can’t risk losing it and losing everythign with it.
Made labels for the postcards I plan to send and btw HERMA YOU SUCK. I got Herma Labels and downloaded the program from their site, thinking cool it will space out the labels in nice word tables for me so everything will be perfect. Well their stupid label maker doesn’t work, keeps giving me this margin error.
Printed documents and files for the trip. Especially the invitation and what I plan to do there. Passport control sometimes asks for it and its good to have it. Also good personally so you can brush up before on the plane.
Need to stop at the store later picking the regular stuff. It just never fails I always run out of deodarant before any trip.
Pick up some other random stuff for my friend there. His family better call me soon so I can meet up and get it.
Need to make a list of stuff I need to do when I get back. Just stuff that is pending and left.
Need to decide on a camera to bring, I dont like the digital cause of battery and storage issues. Then I also dont like my film cause of developement lag when I come back. I may just end up taking both..
I am sure they are other things I am forgetting, but thats about it..

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