1. and he’s not guilty .. he didn’t look too happy either when he left the court

  2. ofcourse he will not be happy, would you be after the hell he went through? the guy lost whatever little money he had left..

  3. are you guys kidding me .. what little money?! kfaya he owns the masters of all beatles records

  4. GEO, he does own that and many other assets, but in terms of cash on hand according to reports its on the nil. The guy spends more than he makes.

  5. He should sell Neverland ranch .. He could live in Entertainment City, I don’t think anyone would mind.

  6. i understood he recently did sell neverland ranch. he owes the bank 200 million bucks by the end of the year… there is article on cnn

  7. I didn’t hear about the Neverland ranch, but its worth a easy 10+ million. He did take a loan, and his asset on the line is his stake in the Beatles back cataloge.

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