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K has become my 2500 comment post
K has become my 2500 comment post
we have all done it, anesthetist waiting at the cross walk and just pushed the walk button repeatedly and someone will tell you that pushing it more than once won’t make a difference but you do it anyway cause it makes you feel better. Well guess what, pushing the button in a systematic pattern will actually make it go faster!

A Kansas City hacker group called Cross Anytime have released a 3685 cheat list of codes that you can press that will allow you to cross the street faster. These guys did it by social engineering, reverse engineering, and good ol brute force!

Sadly their site Cross Walk Button Hacks has been taken down by the FBI stating it violates the DMCA cause it cane be used for terrorist acts.

I dont know what they are thinking that FBI, dont they know that arabs don’t walk we drive everywhere, just look at the traffic in our cities! What terrorist is going to sit in from of a pedesterian cross walk pushing buttons when he can just park his car in the middle of the street Kuwaiti style honking for the bagala (convient store) guy to come out and give him cigarettes!

Anyway hope they relase those hacks soon, they would be really cool to have.

BBspot – Pedestrian Hacker Group Releases Crosswalk Button Hacks

5 thoughts on “Push the Button”

  1. is there any hacks for elevators? i’m one of these people that repeatedly push the button just so i feel better

  2. Cool stuff.

    I’d really like a hack for my car horn that would make those suicidal pedestrians blow up in front of my car without me having to hit them.

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