Beached Whale

blog: Morse Texter

blog: Morse Texter

I am so lazy today, just doing nothing much of anything, youth health woke up for Friday prayer zoned out during the khotba like I usually zoned in when the guy started couple words that caught my ears, then zoned out again when he was still not making any sense and repeating the same stuff he says every Friday.

Saw this kid who had the cutest fro. It was like one of mine circa 1980s I was impressed nice and fluffy, big curls that kept it up and well rounded. I mentioned to my brother after the prayers and he said it was a friend of his brothers and then he popped up and got to meet his fro kid brother told me not to cut it and keep it pimpy, and I had one much larger than his.

It was kinda hot and we walked to the mosque and really didn’t feel like walking back so we stopped by a friends house that was near by so he can drive us home. That just turned to one big trap and got sucked in to his basement watching college football (OSU-ND) it was a classic game buy OSU were pretty good, then watched some other random shows on Orbit and didn’t leave till we got hungry and went home got Texas chicken and just watched more TV.

I am such a lazy lover, really into that song by Brazilian Girls, making copies for my car so I can hand out to people, going to make this the official summer album one way or another.

Going to get out of the house now, get in my car and just drive out of the 500m radius I have stayed in today. Make a couple phone call and wander around most likely come back early and watch Blade Runner..

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