Family Guy at 1?

Family Guy at 1?

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I am quiet shocked that One Tv is showing Family Guy at 1pm. I bet they think it is a kid show. With its language & adult humor & Ones censorship policy its just strange to see it.

5 thoughts on “Family Guy at 1?”

  1. Yeah!

    I noticed!! So odd!

    Maybe the people working at ‘One TV know it’s NOT a kid’s show, but put it on anyways to ruin the minds of “tomorrow’s generation” our “future” ARGH!!

    THEY’RE ON A MISSION TO CORRUPTION! damn it!! I knew it was too good to be true!

    Hang on, what’s happening? Where am i?!

    Ouff, i’m rambling like a blithering idiot…*sigh*

    But it does make you think, WHY do they have a show like that at 1pm? *thinks*

  2. they stopped for a while.. i even emailed them, an indian guy replied saying : yes sir, we know its for adults..

  3. I wonder what’s the translation like.. I think it would be quite hard for sarcasm to transverse easily between languages.

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