Wings of a Butterfly

Wings of a Butterfly

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Being back here is like getting together with an old girl friend you recall some stuff but not sure how to get there.

I remember shops & corners. The smile of the waitress who would bring my cupaccino. All this from my Lost City tour from 2-3 years ago.

Out of all the cities I know this one the best. I just have to let go & the streets lead me. Wanted to go to this hole in the wall restaurant for their funghi. I started making random turns & movement sensing it was near. The guy I am with thought I was crazy but we ended up there.

Ive forgotten l have hidden memories on these Roman streets

2 thoughts on “Wings of a Butterfly”

  1. See darling, that’s exactly why I want to go travelling with you. I love rediscovering places, and I love it when people show me the random places that they’ve found. Too bad I have this foolish thing call ‘lecture’ that I need to attend sometimes, or I’d just hop off and meet you on your next jaunt around. Kisses.

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