Brain Candy

Brain Candy

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I have a thing for book stores I just enter them and just start dreaming what books to get. I dont think i ever been to a store knowing what i want. I will have a feeling a start of an idea and just follow it. This one reason my bags are like a ton of bricks when i in back home it is just filled with brain candy. Another thing that i go after is music. I am also petty good with that. I just pick them out based on cover art & name.

The picture above is of my favorite book store. I learned Italian in this place for it is a childrenc book store. It was the first store I visited when I first came to Bologna.

I also learned about lovc in the book I got from herc called Quel Mostro DellAmore by Vittoia Facchini.

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  1. I wish I liked reading! I envy those who are like you and like reading books! I prefer TV, Movies, and online reading! I read a book and I go directly to sleep!

  2. Books and Music.. good combination. Food for the mind and soul. As for the body.. I wouldn’t worry too much. You were in Italy – plenty of “food” for the body there.

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