Damage Report

Well I have driven over 500km in the past 24 hours.
Both running on empty
4 hours of sleep last night
Then drove to Wafra at 9am
Came back at 3pm
Kept on going
MY left arm hurts around the biceps
I think I bruised my right kidney ribs
My neck feels tight
Got corns on my baby toes
Eyes feel heavy
Shoulders in knots
Grabbed a mohajabas boobs
Got punched in the face by a mohajaba
Got a spanking and spanked someone (23 left)
Got wet
Got some lubin
Some people are dead to me

And it was all worth it.

7 thoughts on “Damage Report”

  1. The entire left side of my upper body hurts!
    I got wet!
    I got slapped and did some slapping!
    I got some lovin’ too!

    BTW you forgot the incedent concerning your hat!

  2. Hmmm, I got tired just reading it. First felt a little sympathetic about all your ache-iness and was going to suggest a nice long back-tickle and a hot bath. Then indignant that you grabbed some poor womans boob (and curious what ‘mohajabas’ means). Then smiled when she smacked you and felt vindicated. Then saw you found an even better solution than a hot bath and and a tickle, so, YAY for you!

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