Like a Ninja in Heat

Like a Ninja in Heat

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You got 30 minutes til your flight leaves & still stuck on your transfer flight & have to take the bus to the terminal & then take the catacombs to A terminal & 3 headed Cerberus ofpassport control. You make it in time & get your seat changed to your favorite.

Dont mess with this ninja.

11 thoughts on “Like a Ninja in Heat”

  1. Oh I know that feeling, what a rush, only to get there on time, yet it takes them 40 mins to leave :P

    Next time stick to direct routes.

  2. McArabian, Thats my timbuk2 bag, been with me since 99. Taken it around the world twice and some how it still fits everything inside it.

    Bitzer, I know you want it

    Purg, well the reason I dont do direct (KLM) is cause they take 40 minutes to leave. Lufthansa leaves on time.

    Caff: I would have jumped on the plane on the runway just to get home.

  3. I was going to ask for a review of the bag, but since it’s been with you that long – I’m convinced :) Are they good laptop bags though?

  4. You are talking about roughly a 5 hrs flight :P and you must have had loads of time to comment on a post!

  5. Purg, I commented when I came back and posted when I was on the plane via GPRS.

    Stallion, it was the last clean clothes I had, and I like to travel looking “smart” makes it easier to deal with the people.

  6. Welcome back nibaq …We are all glad you made that plane. For some reason, I don’t think a seat on the wing of the plane would have been as cozy as a seat inside…

  7. I know what you’re talking about! I agree with Caff about you getting to your plane but for me I preffer Isle seats or a window seat with no one sitting next to me so I can put my legs up during the flight!

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