Cool Toys

As Christmas season is coming and presents galore its time to think of presents. So what better than presents than the most dangerous ones.

World Against Toys Causing Harm has a llist of the 10 worst toys that they consider dangerous. So far my favorite isKickaroos Anti-Grav Boots. I dont know about you but that is cool.

3 thoughts on “Cool Toys”

  1. actually i would love to get my hands on a Camouflage Water Bomb Fun Kit, people wouldn’t know what hit them, especially if the comouflage really works

  2. oOoo..I’m with STAR WARS “Revenge of the Sith Beam Blaster”. Explosions … beams.. fire.. *runs off to find matches..

    Why do I feel like we dont have toy standards here in Kuwait? Some of the toys here are OUTRAGEOUS. It makes the kids more evul than they alaready are.

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