Serenading June

Serenading June

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It is 12 noon and I am dead tired, this site been walking in these expo halls for a good ehours and just feel worn out. I believe the flight yesterday just drained the heck out of me. I got some decent sleep. I did what I saidII was going to do in my last post but just relaxed a bit before the bath.

Also for the previous post questions.

I saw the movie Ringer with Johnny Knoxville, pestilence he plays a ringer so that he can fix the special Olympics. The other movie I saw was Fun with Dick and Jane. They were both nice and light comedies for the trip.

Then I watched some TV shows. I finally saw Dr. Who actually finished a whole episode. The last time I watched the Doctor was when I young in England and really didn’t get into it, same as Monty Python. But now I can watch them both since I understand it.

The other show I saw, was also one I kept hearing about but never got a chance to see is House, MD. Good show plan to get some of the seasons of it. It is a medical show that I can watch. I guess cause the main guy is an egotistical bastard but is a genius about it, but I think cause he also was in Blackadder.

Yes, Purg it was a really bad plan but it was worth trying once for the price and the people I am with have to make a stop back in London. And I wont forget your special duty free packages, or Fadibou;s whackmatic thing.

The weather is nice, a nice 20-25 but feels a bit how from the excess sun.

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