Finally made it to the bridge.

Finally made to Bahrain around 9:30 last night after leaving my house at 3:30. The road in Saudi was great for a little rough patches but it was still a 2 lane road and I was able to have a good constant speed. The delays were due to the Saudi border. It was a mess in Kuwait/Saudi and was at the Saudi/Bahrain side.

Once we read a place with like 4-5 lines of cars we’d say “minoo maynoona?”. On which car would we be behind as we wait. Sometimes we would get lucky like with the Green Astro in Saudi/Bahrain, side effects more about other times like in Kuwait/Saudi we weren’t but it moved.

Then once getting to Bahrain it was a bit of a mess since my GPS has the old streets where there were round-a-bouts now there is bridges and overpasses and highways so took us a bit to get to the Hotel.

At the hotel we were just dead, women’s health and not in the mood to leave and explored it. The plan today:

Have a nice breakfast.
Hop in the pool/beach and get some sun and water
Head out to Caterham
Blogger meetup.

7 thoughts on “Bahrain”

  1. Y’know what would be cool? If they had t-shirts “Bahrain Blogger Meetup” or badges or something. Do you have those at the Kuwait Bloggers meetup? Too lame?

  2. Toomz that’s a fantastic idea! I’ll have to look into it.

    b, it was such a pleasure to meet you and the stallion, I look forward to spending some time with you tomorrow again before you have to head back to Kuwait.

    For the record, this was the best ever bloggers’ gathering we’ve every had as far as I’m concerned… just watch for us gate-crashing yours in Kuwait next! :)

  3. Hi
    Just had a question , you might be able to help .
    Being from Kuwait I’ve been sent to Bahrain for a project , upon reaching here I’ve just realized it might take months so i intend on going back to Kuwait and drive down to Bahrain. The question i intended to ask was ..

    1) Since i ‘m a expatriate do I need a Saudi visa to pass through the Kuwait/Saudi Border?
    2) Will I obtain it at the border itself ?
    3) Without a navigator is it easy for a person who can’t read / speak Arabic to get to the Saudi/bahrain border ?
    4) Is it safe ?
    5) How long is the journey ?

    Sorry for the trouble .

  4. Let me answer the easy stuff first.

    Driving from Kuwait-Bahrain takes 3-4 hours. The major factor is the traffic at the border. This is usually on the weekends with people leaving Kuwait and the Saudis entering Bahrain.

    The drive is safe and straight. You literally drive straight down to the causeway, not a single traffic light. They have fixed up the roads so they are double lanes and the roads are all marked in English and Arabic.

    The hard question is that you do need a Saudi visa and I am not sure on the full rules and regulations for you to drive there. Cause if you need a car under your name, or at least have this waiver signed giving you permission to take the car out of Kuwait.

    Your best bet is to talk to the Saudi embassy, and if your company has a branch in Saudi have them do it for you since that would be easier since they can state they you are their guest and need you to visit.

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