Prada Hands

He was visiting the Hagia Sophia.

He was visiting the Hagia Sophia.

He was visiting the Hagia Sophia.

My cousin just got the Prada phone a couple days ago and I got a chance to play with it.

First impressions are nice. It is suprisingly slim and very sleek. The gui is simple and quick.

Features and options are good and texting on it seemed ok. He said there is abit of a learning curve since you really get used to buttons and that there is no Arabic and other bugs, recipe
but thats just part of the package being an early adoptor.

5 thoughts on “Prada Hands”

  1. I have this phone and it is very good. A frined gave me a N95 so now I want to sell my PRADA phone for KD280. If interested, let me know…

  2. I saw it in Virgin and it was about 255KD
    But now when i went back to get it .. They told me it sold out!! and i went everywhere to find it even to the Airport but i couldn’t :S
    So i’ll go tomorrow to Villa Moda and see .. But does anyone know where to find it somewhere else ?

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