Kuwaiti Bloggers Abducted

At Saturday 8pm Kuwait State Police abducted 2 Kuwaiti bloggers Bashar Al-Sayegh from Al-Ohmmah.org and Jassem Al-Qamis without the due protection of the Kuwait Constitution while leaving work. The reason being that an anonymous commenter wrote something criticizing the Emir yet even though it was removed immediately by Al-Sayegh they are still holding him responsible.

Jasem Al-Qamis was released yesterday after spending over a day in jail being violently interrogated and forced to sign papers using his fingerprint while being blind folded.

Bashar Al-Sayegh sadly is still being held in jail and no updates on his status have been released.

This is a sad day for Kuwait. We have prided ourselves as a country that respects freedom of speech and the protection of our constitution. To see both taken away with one swift move should not be tolerated or accepted in any means.

Al-Jarida article translated to English on the abduction

6 thoughts on “Kuwaiti Bloggers Abducted”

  1. Damn. That totally sucks. Do watch out for yourself dear, and all of your compatriots in the Kuwaiti blogging sphere.

    As for me, I’m a bit surprised I haven’t been picked up yet. Not particularly because of my blog, but because I get weekly international calls, and now it’s ok for the $#%@ U.S. Government to evesdrop on it’s own people. Apparently receiving calls from Yorkshire is ‘suspect’. Guess I’ll just have to have lots of phone sex to entertain those listening in, since we’re not plotting anything. Better make sure phone sex isn’t illegal in this state…

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