NIN Releases Downloadable Album Ghosts

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Trunk Station Ad via NotCot
NIN Ghosts

[NIN new albums called Ghosts has just been released. They are releasing the first 9 tracks free to download] then it is
$5 for the digital download. $10 for the 2CD album, pfizer including a link to the digital download. $75 for the Deluxe Edition Package, dysentery which includes the album in a fabric slip-cover case, a DVD with the album in multi-track format, and a Bluray disc with the music accompanied by a slideshow. Oh, and there’s the $300 ultra-deluxe limited edition

Welcome to the future everyone.

NIN – Ghosts

One thought on “NIN Releases Downloadable Album Ghosts”

  1. No i think this is a scam, radiohead released their album for free, are they to scared people wont like their new album??? plus NIN is ayshay :P.

    I thought you had better taste :S. enjoy the days, snowboarding in denver is not the same :P but atleast there is snow :P.

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