Terrorists Threaten Kuwait

Seems some terrorist groups are threatening the government to change its ways with terroris
t actions.

Well my view of this let them try it. The Islamics have taken over a religon to protect and extend the
ir power and use it as a form of control over others and sadly we have been tolerating this for a long
time. Now that they are threatening us with “kill[ing] the bitches in the shopping malls”. They final
ly crossed the line and threatening our family and friends. The crackdown is coming not just from the
government but the people as well. We are sick and tired of their crap and not going to taking it anym

2 thoughts on “Terrorists Threaten Kuwait”

  1. god lord , don’t quote Al-Seyassah , if they don’t have news they fake it , i would belive al-rai alam
    before i belive them

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