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There are not more archives for this blog, troche its now simply content. It has been bothering me for a long time the whole concept of archives. I just dont like that feeling of the word, to me it means old buried, and forgotten. The internet has changed our view of information and the ability to access it via search engines, socail bookmarks etc. Nothing is forgotten or put a away it is always there ready to be accessed.

This is mostly steming on how I am defining the world.

I see the world in 3 defined groups: content, resources, and rules.

Basically resources is the place which holds/creates/provides the content based rules provided.

4 thoughts on “No More Archives”

  1. I like the word “archives.” It does conjure up something old and buried, but it also brings forth the idea of discovery. I imagine myself winding down the catacombs to find an old unknown room, full of books that haven’t been touched for hundreds of years. It’s quite a romantic image….

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