Problem is and Comments?

Earlier today I was trying to post a comment on a blogspot host blog and was giving me issues with the captcha human test and I just shruged it off and let it be since it was giving me the same letters smenita. Now that I am at my home computer and wanting to comment on a totally different blog I see the same random letters and can’t comment.

Are other people having the same problem?

4 thoughts on “Problem is and Comments?”

  1. I hat that same problem this morning! Never got rid of it! The issue was on my blog as well as others! The same letters all the time!

    If you noticed I removed that test thingy on my blog!

  2. Hmmm… I haven’t been experiencing that problem on other people’s blogs. But, if people were experiencing it on MINE I wouldn’t even know! Crap… guess I’d better follow suit and take it off. *sigh*

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