Crowbars and Sour Cream

I ussually dont know where to put posts like these, look should they belong in, here or just not post them at all. So figure just put it here.

Been working on Safatoo so that we can have a complete switch from Safat. Yet been facing some crazy weird upgrade issues with Safatoo with the MySQL stuff and it has been really annoying. Some of you may have noticed some issues with it on Wed.

It is really tough finding a good web based aggregator that just places stuff on a page based on time. Most are oriented for personal aggregators and have their own system. I been using Drupal as the base for Safat and really it is the best I’ve seen, complicated and annoying at times but it is a work horse.

Hopefully I plan to get some hack working for Safatoo “soon” so that I can do some more upgrades on it and have it stable. One issue we been having is the update problem it just doesn’t do it. That is one of the reasons I removed that shiny /aggregator/ look and have it more ugly looking on the address bar. I think that solved the problem but still need to do an upgrade.

One thing I been thinking about is that Drupal has some great features in it and I just use one, the aggregator. So been thinking of using some more. Like creating a Kuwait Blogs forum in it as well as giving users a personal space for things.

I have been bouncing the idea via some friends and not getting a real positive response. Also is it something that I want to focus on, and that is it part of the core competencies of Kuwait Blogs? Some of you may have tested my chat server for Kuwait Blogs. It was an interesting experiment but I really didn’t find it viable for people cause then you’d have people chatting and not blogging. As well as if people want to chat with each other they figure out how to do it via MSN mass chats and just meeting each other.

There are some other things I need to free up some time on and dedicate a good couple hours to set it up. One is moving from MT to WP Yet I plan to do that after the Safatoo->Safat thing and readd the blogs on the blog roll from Safatoo’s list since that is the newly update and authenticated list.

There some other stuff that I am thinking about working on, doing some research on it and playing with it in my brain. This one is more for Arab community more than the Kuwait one.

So there it a quick synopsis on what I been working on and what I am planning. Any insights of suggestion I am up for. Also a big thanks to my Safatoo Goddesses for adding the blogs on there and dealing all those add blog requests. I dont know what I would have done with out you guys.

6 thoughts on “Crowbars and Sour Cream”

  1. Awwww :$ You make me blush!

    Okay I’m ready to go back to work with you now :P Send over some nut cases but it’s going to be difficult competing with my new partner in crime :P

  2. was the jabber server you set up?

    Got some ideas on the aggregator layout, let me know if you’re interested.

    As for MT to WP, I didn’t even know, why not just use drupal for everything?

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