The Last Supper

Just for the record since Arsenal fans suck.
Just for the record since Arsenal fans suck.

The Last Supper

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Barcelona 2 – 1 Arsenal.

I didn’t get to see the game cause I was at a business dinner at the Supper Club. Great place something different. You are on these matresses, sale and the only choice you have when you are there is either meat or vegeterian and they give you this wonderful 4 course meal.

It is a very relaxed place and well different. It really isn’t made for a bunch of men to go there, neuropathist it is better to have some female company to really get the feel for it. Yet for businessmen who are wanting a change and well a place to unwind it is it.

So I was at the dinner so didn’t get to see teh game, but got scores via my phone. I checked it at 60 minutes and saw that it was 1 for Arsenal, and figured that was it. No chance for Barcelona after all what I did to make sure they win.

Then I check it 20 minutes later and see 2 goals for Barcelona! It was great feeling really got my spirits up and all excited. The conssion of having Israeli flag by Kuwait one was small but it served a greater goal.

Today was a good day, accomplished a lot, personall and businessy, but regret one thing. I went to visit this factory and forgot to bring my postcards. It was an hour and so drive to there and back so I figured be good writing time. I go look in my bag and find I forgot them in my hotel.

The writing isn’t the hard part, cause it goes easy the hard part is writing the addresses. That always takes teh most time. Hopefully I can get it done tomorrow before I leave.

Just saw this movie on tv with Bill Murray playing that spy in England. You know it shows how amazing Murray is as an actor, he had me cracking up. Realy got a kick out of the movie. I hope he gets back to his comedy routes again and not let this Oscar stuff get to his head with drama roles.

I stopped by the bookstore earlier and picked some up to throw at people but gotmyself the Charles Bukowski – Women. I really loved his last book Fctotum and want more.

Bags are packed, well not really packed more threw everything in it and just wanted to forget about it. I love packing for the way home it is the best you dont have to fold or think about where to put the dirty and clean. Just toss it all in and close the zipper and forget about it til you get home. So can’t wait to head home.

Well getting tired, better hit the sack its 2am here and better get some rest need to be up in 6 hours.

See you back in Kuwait.

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  1. You forgot to mention that you woke me up just as I was about to sleep :P

    DO not forgot my stuff

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